Bart Hawkins

Founders of Change 4 Love!

Our mission at Change 4 Love is to make sure every child that needs the inspiration to unleash the superhero within, is able to have their favorite superhero or character to motivate and inspire them. Our program provides free art to children in hospitals and people in need. All of which is painted by local special need artists! Our Artists can’t paint for every child in need, so we raise funds so we can donate thousands of prints of their artwork to children’s hospitals. Change 4 Love has donated over 100,000 prints to children in local hospitals and inspired many more kids in just three short years! With your help we hope to deliver way more. We feel that a lot of children that have experienced trauma or are going through difficult times need as much encouragement and hope as possible. By providing something as simple as a painting, children are able to be inspired with the courage to fight the battles they are facing. We work with schools, hospitals and other NPO's providing free art and inspirational messages. We provide fundraising and service opportunities to youth groups and other organizations here in Utah.

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Change4Love is a 501(c)(3) Non-profit organization.

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Designs made for educational purposes by artists

with special needs