Little Emma Loved Mickey & Minnie

February 1, 2018


We at Change 4 Love had one of our Super Friends pass away recently and the family ask us to paint Mickey and Minnie holding hands on the inside of little Emma's casket (2 yrs old).  Emma’s Dad said, “This is perfect! Emma got to go to Disneyland and fell in love with Mickey and Minnie. We can't even think of the words to say about how beautiful this is. Amazing and to think that this took less than a day. We really appreciate it and thank you to Bart Hawkins and Glenn Stucki with!”  


A Letter from Emma's Mother:

Emma Lynn Pendleton Sims 

Emma is the light of my life. She was the most happy, sweet, loving little girl in the entire world. Everyone always told me she is so perfect, she hardly fussed or anything. She was so full of life and was so independent. She loved playing with her puppies, her toy kitchen; Emma would always come up to her daddy and I and feed us pretend food and she would pretend to eat it afterward. Emma was our little Dancing Groot, she would run around and out of nowhere she would stop and just start dancing all around and she’d say “I’m Baby Groot; and I’m dancing I’m dancing”! She would say please and thank you for everything. Emma was the smartest little girl, she knows the alphabet all the way through and how to count to ten, and she was learning colors and caught on so fast with literally everything. She loved coloring, playing with her stuffed animals, watching kid cartoons, and even to just lay on the couch with me and cuddle while we watch T.V. and eat string cheese. Her favorite characters are Minnie and Mickey Mouse, and Jack Skellington; whenever she saw anything involving them she would get so excited and so we got her tons of toys of them for her. My little angel Emma, has taught me so much and made me grow up a lot. Thanks to her I have come so far, and we found love I never thought was possible. She touched the lives of everyone whom had the pleasure of meeting her, she made everyone smile and feel warmth in their hearts. She truly is the definition of the perfect child, and that’s what she was. I’m incredibly hurt and devastated by her passing, she was my little princess and I didn’t get enough time with her; but I cherish all the time I did get to spend with her and I will never take anything in this world for granted.

In loving memory of Emma Lynn (Pendleton) Burbidge- Sims

February 4, 2016 – January 26, 2018




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Little Emma Loved Mickey & Minnie

February 1, 2018

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